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Session at The Landmark Tavern

Mondays from 8 to 11 pm
626 11th Avenue at 46th Street, Manhattan
For more info, call (212) 247-2562 or visit

This classic Irish saloon at the corner of Eleventh Avenue and 46th Street has been a New York City landmark since since 1868, when James Clare first opened for business on what was then the Hudson River waterfront. Landfill has moved the waterfront a block west to Twelfth Avenue since then, and gaslight gave way to electricity a while back, but you can stll get a taste of the old Hell's Kitchen (as well as fine modern dining) at The Landmark. Every Monday, Don Meade and friends gather in the back room for an Irish traditional music session.


November 20: Tom Dunne and Linda Hickman
Don is away for a couple of weeks, so County Wexford button accordion and fiddle player Tom Dunne takes charge, this week with outstanding wooden flute and tin whistle player Linda.

November 27: Tom Dunne and John Dillon
Tom's partner this week will be New York session veteran John Dillon, with guitar, songs and concertina.

December 4: Niamh NĂ­ Bhriain
Great young harper and singer from Co. Limerick, recently arrived in NYC.

December 11: Brenda Castles
Co. Meath native Brenda plays concertina and sings with Mick Moloney's Green Fields of America group.

December 18: Liz Hanley
Talented fiddler and singer who has also been featured in Mick Moloney's ensemble..

December 25: No Session - Merry Christmas!

January 1: No Session - Happy New Year!

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